Monday, July 5, 2010

I Love You, Man

If you're a big fan of cringy, slow moving humor, then you may like this movie.

I can't comment on the entire length of I Love You, Man. I bailed about half-way through, but I'm assuming the movie was as slow as the first half.

The movie basically follows Paul Rudd's attempt to make a guy friend in time for his wedding to Jim's old girlfriend from the office. The dialogue isn't believable and there's way too much "man" talk.

I gave this one cat out of five because there were a few funny parts out of the fifty minutes of movie that I watched, but not enough for me to watch the second fifty.

Looking for a laugh: Quick Hits 5

Looking not to laugh, but still be entertained: a stroller (teenage mother)


  1. You stole my graphics. This means war.

  2. Think of it more as an homage. Plus, refer to the bottom of the page - I give you creidt