Sunday, July 18, 2010


I'm going to give you more than cat's reviews this time. Two out of two wedding anniversary celebrants enjoyed this movie. One out of one excited cellphone using 20 year old loved it.

Four out of five cats liked this one. The fifth walked out of the theater. I heard him saying something like this, "I can put up with the unnecessary special effects if you just tighten up the script." That fifth cat has a point. This movie could have done with another round of edits during the writing stage. Or possibly a Wachowski brother in the mix. This movie isn't a Matrix rip-off - it stands on its own quite well - but it will inspire a generation to over anaylze the movie. Much as my friends and I did when the Matrix came out.

I won't give the movie away, but it concerns the theft of ideas in dreams. Much of the movie takes place in dreams, so that opens it up for a lot of reality bending. It's a bit of thinking movie - its not your typical summer movie mindlessness.

As a side note, I'm an architect, and I'm happy to see an architect in a movie doing something other than carrying a role of blueprints around. Though, I did see a blueprint tacked on a wall. Ugh.

I'm a cheapo and I paid 20 bucks to see this. I wasn't disappointed.

As another side note, the short story (from the Matrix comics) "Goliath" by Neil Gaiman is an interesting tie-in to this movie.

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